Classic, Grated or the Heart

Västerbottensost® cheese is a granular hard cheese with character and a strong aromatic taste which has been stored for at least 14 months. The cheese has a characteristic pungent taste with an undertone of truffles which comes through best when there is a perfect balance between the bitter part of the cheese and the sweetness of the milk. Västerbottensost® cheese also has hints of umami – the fifth basic taste. It has a brittle, crystal-like and juicy consistency. Västerbottensost® cheese is enjoyed as an ingredient and as a dessert cheese and is often used as strong characteristic flavouring in both classic and modern cooking. The mystery surrounding why Västerbottensost® cheese can only be made at the dairy in Burträsk continues to be a source of bewilderment. The recipe came about by accident in 1872 and is to this day a well kept secret.

Västerbottensost® cheese is offered to consumers in several different packages. By piece, grated or in one of the elegant gift wrappings that are great for bringing a piece of Västerbotten as an appreciated gift. But no matter what the exterior looks like – the interior is always the same high quality cheese.