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  • Guidelines for trademark use

    The corporate ID for Västerbottensost is based on a single item – the trademark. In all other regards the design must be restrained; a deliberately restrained design that emphasizes the cheese’s authenticity, simple originality and its sharp character. But “restrained” does not mean “plain”. Printing methods and the choice of materials may by all means be of the highest quality and the workmanship must exude the same professional pride as the product itself.

    Pictures are free to use in association to Västerbottensost®

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  • Approved colours

    The gold color is one of Västerbottenost cheese strongest characteristics. The combination of a high-contrast black and white color scheme enhances the uniqueness expression. To maintain the premium feeling the gold color is primarily used for small areas. Press and materials are to be optimized to give the best possible results

    1. Gold metallic (Pantone 10127 C). This is the basic version.
    2. CMYK 16/26/65/4 * (For uncoated paper with gold on dark images, use CMYK 10/20/65/0 for the best possible readability.)
    3. RGB 216/183/101

    Always use the original intended for the printing technique or area of use concerned. Note that a special original must be used for sizes below 30 mm.
    Always use regardless of the original order and printing technology or application. Please note that for sizes over 30 mm, a particularly original use. This original has a bigger ® symbol.

    Background colour
    Black (and gray scale)
    PMS Process Black C
    CMYK 0/0/0/100
    RGB 0/0/0


    CMYK 0/0/0/0
    RGB 255/255/255