Västerbottensost sponsors events that attract consumers interested in cooking. The events must attract at least 50 people. There must be an opportunity to enjoy Västerbottensost at appropriate moments during the event. Västerbottensost does not sponsor private parties.

How does Västerbottensost sponsor events?
We sponsor with Västerbottensost (products) and sometimes promotional material.

Where can I apply for sponsoring?
Submit applications to Västerbottensost no later than one month before the event takes place.

How do I apply?
By completing the application form below.

Sponsorship criteria

The event must:

  • Appeal to the target group.
  • Focus on a combination of cooking, culinary inspiration, food and drink.
  • Be organized for private gatherings.
  • Gather at least 50 people. Västerbottensost does not sponsor individuals.
  • Not be aimed at the general public or be of a private nature.
  • Pursue serious activities within its field.

Västerbottensost will:

  • Be offered exclusivity among Swedish hard cheeses
  • Have right of association to the event.
  • Have promotional rights at the event.
  • Be available as a refreshment at suitable times during the event.
  • Be presented and promoted according to specific guidelines.
  • Not sponsor individuals.
  • Receive a full report and images from the organizer no later than two weeks after the event.

Application form

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