Why can Västerbottensost only be produced in Burträsk?

The mysterious recipe

Does the secret lie in the manufacturing process, which came about by accident? Delve deeper into the unique story of how Västerbottensost cheese may well have been created.

Spruce resting shelves

Is it perhaps the resting shelves made from spruce from the area around Burträsk that give Västerbottensost its special character?

The meteor strike

The calcareous soil in Burträsk is thought to be the result of an ancient meteor strike. Might that explain why Västerbottensost can only be produced here?

The influence of the midnight sun

Both the vegetation and the local cows are affected by the many hours of sunlight during the summer. Does this hold the answer to the mystery of Västerbottensost?

Is it in the walls?

It’s hardly a secret that every building is unique. But it might be the unique collection of house flora in the Burträsk dairy that is the secret behind Västerbottensost.

The well-preserved recipe

Perhaps the secret is in the recipe that dairy maid Ulrika Eleonora Lindström wrote down in 1872, that has since been passed down through generations of master cheese-makers?

The local milk

The cows in the area produce milk that is unusually bereft of the kind of spores that can make cheese production difficult.
Is the milk the secret behind Västerbottensost?

The Burträsk dairy

Could it be something totally unknown that is found in the countryside around Burträsk that would explain why Västerbottensost can only be produced there?

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